08/06/12 07:04 pm

Charles Says Reid Doing McCarthy

Krauthammer explains why George Will was right when he said that Democrats are e...
08/06/12 05:14 am

George Will: McCarthyism From the Desert

George Will is succinct in his rebuttal to Harry Reid's display of cheap po...
01/19/11 02:05 pm

CNN Host Apologizes for Guest's Use of "Crosshairs"

How stupid has the world become? CNN apologizes after a guest uses the word &quo...
01/11/11 05:29 am

Kristol Says Krugman Practicing McCarthyism

Bill Kristol goes after Paul Krugman for practicing McCarthyism. So will the Ari...
03/03/10 11:34 am

al Qaeda Seven

Controversial ad targets Eric Holder for hiring lawyers who advocated for terro...
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