09/21/12 04:37 pm

McCain: Would Peggy Noonan Shutup

John McCain is tired of people on the right attacking Mitt Romney - people like ...
07/19/12 12:57 pm

Carl Bernstein: It's Wrong!!!

Carl Bernstein is overwhelmed that Mitt is planning on releasing just two years ...
07/18/12 09:10 am

McCain: Obama Running Disgraceful Sleaze Campaign

John McCain says there was nothing troublesome in the 23 years of Romney tax ret...
06/11/12 01:44 am

McCain: Eric Holder has Zero Credibility

Why does John McCain want an independent counsel to investigate national securit...
06/09/12 01:00 pm

Make More? You Pay More in Taxes

Why do liberals keep using phony numbers to argue that our tax system has the ri...
05/17/12 06:03 pm

Would This Ad Have Defeated Obama in 2008?

Would the outcome of the 2008 election have been different if John McCain had al...
04/28/12 08:06 am

Ain't No Tough Guy Like Obama

There he goes again... bragging about being a great warrior.
03/18/12 06:47 pm

Dope: McCain Says End War on Women

John McCain might just claim he was being in-artful, but it seems he went out of...
02/24/12 01:13 pm

McCain 2008: Obama Means Higher Gas Prices

Four years ago, running against Barack Obama, John McCain predicted that if Bara...
01/04/12 07:14 pm

McCain Endorses the F@#%ing Phony

John McCain endorsed Mitt today, but he wasn't so happy with him when they ...
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