maxine waters

02/15/12 06:51 pm

Healing Waters: Boehner & Cantor are Demons

Like all Democrats, Maxine Waters is firmly committed to the idea of civil publi...
08/30/11 03:00 pm

Black Caucus Turns to Bigotry & Hate

The racial divide is vital to the survival of Democrats as a party, and they wor...
08/23/11 05:32 am

Maxine Envies Tea Party

Maxine Waters wants blacks to organize like the Tea Party. But that would requir...
08/22/11 04:36 am

Dems: No Compassion for Balanced Budgets

How do the compassionate ones feel about balanced budgets and following the cons...
08/17/11 07:26 pm

Black Caucus Losing Patience on Jobs

California Democrat Maxine Waters expresses frustration with the president at a ...
08/13/10 08:52 pm

Black Perspective

Whose argument makes more sense to you - the Kristen Powers race-based viewpoint...
08/02/10 08:00 am

Under the Bus

Who loves throwing people under the bus?
11/20/08 02:23 pm

Capital Turbulence

The cost of operating private jets is astronomical.
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