matt lauer

08/28/12 06:59 pm

Christie Shines with Lauer

It's not a difficult interview, but Chris Christie shows how to be engaging...
12/29/11 01:06 pm

Newt Batting .500 with Ex Wives

Chuck Todd asks Newt about his relationships with his two former wives. With my ...
11/04/11 04:52 am

Judge's Daughter Explains Beating Video

Hillary Adams, the 23 year old who released a video of her father, Texas Judge W...
07/12/11 08:32 pm

Death By Liberalism

It is a mistake to view tax increases and spending cuts as equal partners in the...
01/07/11 12:55 pm

Momma's Been Burned, Not Trusting Teddy

Ted Williams brought his mother on the Today Show. Now, she must be proud.
11/30/10 12:53 pm

Congressman Lauer Takes a Stand

Matt Lauer tries to negotiate tax cuts with Eric Cantor, but comes up short. ...
11/05/10 09:24 pm

Rove Tells Lauer - Democrats Are Spreading the Hate

Karl Rove tells Matt Lauer, who doesn't seem all that interested in listeni...
10/28/10 02:28 pm

Why Obama Voters Aren't "Fired Up, Ready to Go!"

Liberal writers Mark Halperin and John Heileman explain why Democrats are pushin...
10/13/10 02:26 am

Media Nonsense

Listen to the bulldung that Meredith is throwing at Michele Bachmann - trying to...
09/27/10 07:28 pm

Poor President

Poor Barack Obama. What would he do without all the love and support from the ne...
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