mark shields

06/10/12 11:19 am

Krauthammer: Effect of Recall is on Big Labor

Krauthammer says the Wisconson recall won't have a big impact on the presid...
05/07/12 02:08 am

Shields Hits Obama on Jobs

 How bad is Obama's job market? Lefty Mark Shields says 'bad....
04/28/12 06:34 pm

Mark Shields - Bush is the Answer

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields reminds the influence the Bush family has had ...
03/24/12 03:46 pm

Krauthammer: Why ObamaCare Must be Stopped

Charles Krauthammer focuses in on the fundamental question on the constitutional...
03/11/12 08:15 am

Mitt Romney: Just Another Kerry

Mark Shields says Mitt Romney looked good on paper, just like John Kerry did, bu...
03/03/12 06:23 pm

Rush Moves to Calm the Storm

Rush has apologized for calling Sandra Fluke a slut.
02/07/12 03:21 pm

Libs Line Up Against Obama Policy

Lefty writer/commentator Mark Shields is one of the outraged over the White Hous...
11/13/11 03:15 am

Mitt Targets Newt's Peccadilloes

When Mitt Romney was asked about whether he had a philosophical core in the CNBC...
10/30/11 07:35 am

Totenberg: People Aren't Sure Who Obama Is

Nina Totenberg (S-NPR) sums up the president's lack of leadership - ie &...
06/26/11 09:52 am

How Libs Manipulate to Keep Spending

Charles Krauthammer explains hazards for the GOP over debt ceiling negotiations....
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