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10/03/12 01:19 pm

Rubio: Don't Boo Joe Biden

Yesterday, the vice president said the Middle Class has been buried over the pas...
08/31/12 04:05 am

Marco Rubio: Our Story

Marco gives an archetypal speech on the American Dream. Immigration, poverty, ha...
08/08/12 01:37 am

A Guy That Does

Imagine Marco Rubio as VP. This is not a choice between two bad people, this is ...
06/19/12 04:49 am

Very Clear: Mitt Supports Immigration Leniency

The left has been lambasted Mitt for his failure to answer Bob Schieffer on whet...
05/06/12 12:46 pm

Rubio: Diminishing Returns on Washington Experience

 Marco Rubio explains why it's dangerous to spend too much time in...
04/23/12 03:33 pm

Marco Rubio Mocks Becoming Prez

 Marco Rubio makes fun of the idea that people want him to be president...
04/22/12 04:33 pm

Rubio Gets Tense Over Vice Presidency

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush seem to be throwing the vice presidency at each other l...
03/08/12 01:40 pm

Mitt Not Going West for VP

Allen West likes two guys from Florida as choices for Mitt's running mate. ...
02/10/12 07:51 am

Rubio Rocks CPAC

Marco Rubio got people excited at CPAC Thursday.
01/29/12 05:41 pm

Rubio Heckled by Illegals

Cuban immigrant Marco Rubio, a Tea Party senator from Florida, is challenged on ...
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