mara liasson

06/28/12 04:52 am

Polls: Romney Fading in Swing States

New poll numbers show the Obama campaign ads attacking Mitt Romney's Bain C...
06/18/12 07:19 pm

Prediction: Mitt Wins Wisconsin & White House

Campaigning in Wisconsin Monday, Mitt Romney predicted that he'll win the s...
06/07/12 04:47 am

Lefty: Recall Was One Big Mistake

Mara Liasson of NPR talks about how stupid it was for Big Labor to challenge Sco...
05/15/12 01:35 am

Obama Releases Bain Attack Ad

Campaign O is reaching back to Newt's arsenal against Mitt - which goes bac...
05/08/12 01:01 pm

Obama: The Un-Evolved President

Jay Carney gets hit by Jake Tapper and Mara Liasson on the president's game...
10/30/11 03:01 pm

Mara Liasson, Vampire

Watch her eyes... it looks like Mara Liasson is going thru the Vampire change! ...
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