luke russert

06/27/12 04:30 pm

35 Dems May Vote Against Holder

Luke Russert reports on MSNBC that any member of congress who doesn't vote ...
07/30/11 08:49 pm

Breaking: Sharpton Covers Hard News

Al Sharpton brings humor - and clumsiness - to the debt ceiling debate on MSNBC ...
06/01/11 02:36 pm

Weiner: I Can't Say With Certitude

In an interview on MSNBC, Luke Russert asked Anthony Weiner if that's his c...
01/11/11 07:25 pm

Was Luke Russert First to Blame Tea Party?

Luke went right back to the healthcare debate for explanation of the Arizona sho...
07/23/10 04:16 am

Luke Who?

Following in his father's footsteps, Luke Russert is a reporter for NBC. Ru...
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