liz warren

10/11/12 01:34 am

Warren's Big Moment, Scott's Missed Chance

Liz Warren's most powerful moment in Wednesday's debate made her the m...
10/10/12 04:52 am

New Warren Asbestos Ad

Liz Warren attacks Scott for attacking her work on behalf of corporate America. ...
10/05/12 06:34 am

Slimy Deval Calls Scott a Birther

Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, demonstrates the bigotry of the hatefu...
10/03/12 07:01 pm

Scott Hits Warren on LTV

Scott hits Liz for claiming to be the fighter for the working man while working ...
09/28/12 01:12 pm

False Indian Claims in New Ad

With Super PACS staying out of the Scott Brown/Liz Warren race, the challenge is...
09/26/12 05:14 am

Scott Brown Fans as Racist as Braves

The local leftist hate machine is calling Scott Brown's team racist for moc...
09/25/12 01:00 pm

Liz Warren: War Whoops & Indian Chops

Channel 5 makes it sound like something ugly happened in Boston, but it looks mo...
09/21/12 09:23 pm

Brown Hits Warren on Asbestos

Scott Brown used a Friday press conference to keep the pressure on Liz Warren ov...
09/16/12 08:24 am

The Liberal Utopia Video

This might be worth watching - I think it's for the condescending look of i...
09/15/12 05:22 pm

Brown Ad Targets Women

Scott tries to pick up women.
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