lindsey graham

06/28/12 12:52 pm

ObamaCare: Largest Tax Hike in History

The Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, saying it's a tax hike not a mandate...
08/08/11 05:05 am

Dean: Dems Can't Do Entitlements

Howard Dean let a big admission slip in an interview yesterday, suggesting that ...
05/02/11 06:05 pm

Graham: Iran's Nuke Program Bigger Danger Than al Qaeda

Lindsey Graham questions the quick dumping of bin Laden's body into the sea...
04/04/11 07:17 am

Graham: Stop Afghan Killing by Killing Free Speech

Lindsey Graham suggests that Terry Jones shouldn't be allowed to burn the K...
03/29/11 11:33 am

Lindsey Graham: Tired of Complaints About Libya

Lindsay Graham doesn't like the president going easy on Qaddafi, and he doe...
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