lila rose

04/23/11 05:44 am

James O'Keefe: False Pretense in a Fraudulent World

Good interview with James O'Keefe, freedom fighter, by Jon Stossel. We beli...
04/19/11 01:00 pm

James O'Keefe Makes a Fun Video

Guerilla videographer James O'Keefe does a career retrospective as part of ...
03/30/11 01:22 pm

CEO Lying to Save Tax Dollars for Planned Parenthood

The amazing young people with a video camera are at it again - with a little hel...
03/14/11 04:20 pm

Chicago Protesters Support Planned Parenthood, Abortion

Great insight into the attitudes of young people toward abortion rights. I want ...
03/08/11 04:57 pm

Incredible New Video Stings NPR

James O'Keefe is the video guerrilla warrior who brought down ACORN - the e...
02/22/11 01:46 am

Obama Rushes to Defend His Base - Planned Parenthood

The president is not the leader of the country - he only represents his voters. ...
02/09/11 07:49 am

Planned Parenthood Sting Tapes

Here's the New Jersey Sting.
02/06/11 06:03 am

Laura Goes Wild Over Stunning Sex Sting Tapes

Laura Ingraham tears into Planned Parenthood supporter Jane Kleeb over the organ...
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