03/21/11 09:38 am

Lindsay Thanks the Women

Lindsay Graham thanks the Lord for the White House women (like Hillary Clinton),...
03/21/11 04:40 am

Shields & Brooks Attack Libya

Is the U.S. action in Libya appropriate? David Brooks is supportive of the actio...
03/20/11 04:18 am

Qaddafi Offers Birther Intrigue

While not claiming he knows where President Obama was born, he does offer an ans...
03/11/11 08:35 am

Clapper Testimony Makes Noise

National Intelligence Director James Clapper made waves with congressional testi...
02/24/11 04:40 am

Obama: Why So Slow on Libya

The president finally addressed the Libyan meltdown yesterday. “The su...
02/23/11 02:12 am

Report: Gaddafi Orders Sabotage of Oil Pipelines

Libya's Ambassador to the US is one of many officials calling for Gaddafi t...
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