03/28/11 09:38 am

Rummie: Libya Wasnt Most Important Country in Region

On This Week Sunday, with Jake Tapper thankfully hosting, Don Rumsfeld offered h...
03/28/11 02:02 am

Ferguson: Neo Cons Big Winners in Arab Spring

Always fascinating is Harvard historian/economic commentator Niall Ferguson - he...
03/26/11 08:42 pm

Starting to Look Alot Like Kosovo

Libya is starting to look like Kosovo says Charles Lane of the Washington Post.....
03/26/11 10:37 am

Justifying Obama: He's Better Than Bush

Once and for all - a clear explanation of why President Obama is such a big impr...
03/25/11 07:23 am

Krauthammer Hits Nato on Libya

Krauthammer explains the absurdity of having 28 decision makers running the Liby...
03/23/11 06:49 pm

Biden's Strong Feelings on Impeaching Obama

How does the vice president feel about a president taking the nation to war with...
03/23/11 09:05 am

Dean of Loyal: Howard Supports Barack

Howard Dean is supporting the president's decision to attack Libya.
03/23/11 02:13 am

Newt Paints Clear Picture of Obama Leadership

Newt's making a colorful non-candidate thusfar. Good - we need lots of nois...
03/22/11 05:19 am

Kucinich Cites Obama in Arguing Against Libya

Dennis Kucinich continues his attack on Obama's Libya decision by using Oba...
03/22/11 04:30 am

Capuano: Anti-War, Pro-Socialism

Congressman Mike Capuano is one of the good bad guys. The bad bad guys pretend t...
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