10/28/12 07:06 pm

GOP Fights to Force Libya Coverage

Carly Fiorina throws the issue of trust back in the face of the president over B...
10/27/12 06:00 am

Charles Woods: My Son Was American Hero

Navy Seal Tyrone Woods was killed in the terror attack in Benghazi. As evidence ...
10/25/12 05:20 am

Hillary Does the Benghazi Chuckle

Hillary laughs over Benghazi. Posting something on Facebook is not in and of its...
10/23/12 02:20 am

Murphy: Libya a Trainwreck

Who has shined in the handling of the Benghazi assassination of the US Ambassado...
10/22/12 03:59 am

Friedman: Libya Debate is Nonsense

Thomas Friedman says the debate over the assassination of Ambassador Chris Steve...
10/21/12 12:57 pm

Rubio Questions Obama Motive in Libya

Florida Senator Marco Rubio lays out the problem for Obama regarding Benghazi.
10/18/12 07:20 am

Steve Hayes Isn't Buying It

The Weekly Standard's Steve Hayes explains why Candy Crowley was wrong when...
10/01/12 12:49 pm

Obama: The Eye Candy President

In an ad reminiscent of the John McCain attacks on Senator Obama's celebrit...
09/30/12 09:57 am

Obama: Deception on Libya

A video timeline from Fox shows how President Obama plays the American people. T...
09/26/12 04:15 am

Cheney: Obama Speech 'Rhetoric & Delusion'

Liz Cheney isn't impressed with the president's speech to the UN Gener...
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