09/19/11 03:40 pm

Cokie: Obama Lacks Experience

Back when they were working hard to get the inexperienced one elected president,...
01/30/11 07:43 pm

Nixon Impersonator David Frye Dies

Here's a live sampler from David Frye. His Nixon, Jack Nicholson and LBJ ar...
03/24/10 04:02 pm

The Dingell Knows

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of liberals? Only the Dingell Knows. Co...
12/16/09 11:39 pm

Kiss Goodbye

Charlie Gibson proves why his retirement is coming much too late in this patheti...
05/10/09 08:39 am

Not So Popular

Fourth place. Out of nine Presidents. Not earth shattering, second coming of JFK...
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