laura ingraham

02/14/12 08:41 am

Hey, Did You Hear What (fill in name of conservative pundit here) Said This Week?

Sean Hanitty (Fox News): The elimination of Osama bin Laden “wouldn&a...
09/12/11 04:31 am

NBC's Concern Over Obama Numbers Still Roils

Chuck Todd continues to defend himself over his "our pollsters are conc...
07/13/11 08:48 am

A Wednesday List To Ponder

07/12/11 08:32 pm

Death By Liberalism

It is a mistake to view tax increases and spending cuts as equal partners in the...
05/27/11 09:48 am

The View From the Lost Feminists

Barbara Walters is oft lauded for paving the way in television news as a woman. ...
05/26/11 04:23 am

Too Much Love: Schultz Suspended

It's not easy being a liberal love machine. All that compassion is a burden...
05/25/11 04:39 pm

Liberal Love: Laura Ingraham a Slut

Liberals are the Mothers of Compassion. That's their cover story, anyway. I...
05/02/11 06:05 pm

Graham: Iran's Nuke Program Bigger Danger Than al Qaeda

Lindsey Graham questions the quick dumping of bin Laden's body into the sea...
04/02/11 10:27 am

Romney: A Personal Impression

In July of last year, I attended a book signing of Laura Ingraham’s. Ingraham ...
02/08/11 02:49 pm

Pro-Choice Lawyer Wendy Murphy Slams Planned Parenthood

Just saw this... Wendy Murphy was on O'Reilly last week with Laura Ingraham...
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