05/21/12 04:30 pm

Southern Rednecks Are Turning Blue

It now seems certain that the Republican Party will be progressively losing it...
07/22/11 04:23 pm

So Much For Rick Perry

Is Rick Perry serious? He's going to run for the GOP nomination and he supp...
05/10/11 04:44 pm

Prez Trying to Trick Latino Voters with Texas Speech

The president knows that immigration reform isn't going to pass in the runu...
01/14/11 05:10 am

Latino Thrilled That Arizona Suspect White

The illegal immigration crowd did, ahem, dodge a bullet, because the Arizona sho...
11/02/10 07:51 am

Latinos Losing Interest In Democrat Scam

The Democrats' plan to take over the country by packing it full of illegals...
03/10/09 07:44 pm

Dead Teachers

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