larry king

01/30/11 04:37 am

Piers Not Looking Like King of Evenings

I've ignored Piers Morgan and his new CNN Show thusfar, but was just readin...
12/16/10 02:35 am

Streisand Makes America Sick (Without Even Singing)

Barbara Streisand went on Larry King Live last night. Was it the last time for b...
09/28/10 07:00 pm

Not a Muslim

Ann Coulter wants liberals under a polygraph so she can ask them if they believe...
04/21/10 04:48 pm

Dirty Old King

Will Sarah Palin ever recover from this? Larry may have to move the show to Fox...
03/10/10 07:44 am

Massa Mess

Glenn Beck wasn't impressed with Eric Massa yesterday. While Massa isn...
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