10/09/11 04:51 pm

Kristol to GOP: Be Silent on Occupy Wall Street

"Who knew the left was suffering from such Tea Party envy?" as...
07/25/11 04:41 am

Boehner Shuts Out Prez

Bill Kristol describes how John Boehner has shut the president out of debt negot...
04/13/11 07:37 am

Barack Obama: Born-Again Neocon

Neocon Bill Kristol welcomes the president to the club! Watch the latest video a...
01/11/11 05:29 am

Kristol Says Krugman Practicing McCarthyism

Bill Kristol goes after Paul Krugman for practicing McCarthyism. So will the Ari...
08/02/10 05:12 am


Bill Kristol went into a rant yesterday on Fox News Sunday over those who are re...
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