11/03/10 09:14 am

Krauthammer Outlines Historic Repudiation of Obama

Krauthammer and Newt play taps for the Obama agenda, and the word "historic...
10/24/10 04:24 am

Krauthammer Confronts Totenberg on NPR Rules

Doing the show Inside Washington with Nina Totenberg, Charles Krauthammer asks h...
10/15/10 01:04 pm

Not Mad

Krauthammer explains that this election cycle is not about anger as Democrats li...
10/12/10 05:21 am

Stealing Reptiles

09/25/10 03:03 pm

Banging Hammer

I've never seen Krauthammer as casual as this. A nice little testy debate o...
09/22/10 07:04 am

Tactical Error

On The Factor last night, Krauthammer defends his analysis that Christine O'...
09/20/10 07:54 am

Another Good One

Here's another good pivot from Christine O'Donnell, taking incoming fi...
09/20/10 06:49 am

Sweet 16

Christine O'Donnell is doing a nice job of turning the attacks against her ...
09/16/10 09:27 pm

Still Bummed

The Delaware election remains a depressing moment for some in the GOP... like Ch...
04/17/10 06:00 pm

One For You

Why isn't that nasty Tea Party crowd thanking the president for cutting tax...
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