01/29/11 03:13 pm

Five Before Midnight Republicans

Krauthammer gets cranky with liberals on "Inside Washington" who call ...
01/22/11 06:22 pm

Krauthammer & Shields Debate Joe Lieberman

Krauthammer puts Joe Lieberman in same class as Scoop Jackson, Harry Truman and ...
01/01/11 09:16 pm

Krauthammer Explains Weakness of Palin

Palin isn't going to be a player in 2012 says Krauthammer.
12/26/10 03:37 am

Krauthammer Pisses Off Another Liberal

Mark Shields is right, I think. The term Obamacare is code for destructive socia...
12/20/10 02:26 am

Krauthammer/Shields Bicker Over Pelosi Taliban Membership

Liberal Mark Shields gets bent out of shape when Charles Krauthammer says Taliba...
12/17/10 05:05 am

Krauthammer - Mitt's Legit, Sarah's Not

Charles Krauthammer talks about Mitt's presidential chances, and compares S...
12/11/10 10:09 pm

Krauthammer Confronts Mark Shields on Liberal Depression

Krauthammer ask Mark Shields why liberals aren't thrilled with the tax deal...
12/07/10 08:41 pm

Obama Didn't Lose on Tax/Jobless Benefits Package

Joe Scarborough says, from a political point of view, the president's posit...
11/21/10 03:28 am

No Dem Ever Said: Bush Lied, People DIed

Liberal political journalist Mark Shields denies that any Democratic leaders eve...
11/18/10 09:15 pm

Obama humiliated by Gitmo

After years of liberal rants over the evil of the Bush administration's Git...
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