09/09/11 05:49 am

Krauthammer Not Impressed with Obama Plan

Before the president's speech begins, Krauthammer sums it up. It's a s...
09/05/11 04:38 am

Krauthammer: Obama's Devalued Presidential Currency

Why has President Obama put so many eggs into the basket of this week's job...
08/24/11 09:16 am

Biden Bungles, Krauthammer Klarifies

The vice president tells the Chinese that he has no problem with their one child...
08/20/11 12:47 pm

Krauthammer Appreciates Obama's Socialism

Krauthammer comments on Barack Obama's convictions. You oughta credit the o...
08/13/11 02:17 pm

Charles Fires on Nina Again

Krauthammer blasts Nina Totenberg... was Obama lying when he said he wouldn'...
08/09/11 11:27 am

Reviewing Obama's Collapse

Charles Krauthammer dissects the president's attempt to calm Wall ...
07/23/11 04:26 pm

Krauthammer: Obama Self Serving and Political

Charles asks... Who does the president think he is?  
07/18/11 01:31 am

Libs: Tougher on Clemens than Clinton

With libs bashing Roger Clemens for lying under oath about steroid use, Charles ...
06/26/11 03:08 pm

Martha Raddatz: White House Spinning on Afghanistan

You know the president must be extremely out of line when the leftist media agre...
06/26/11 09:52 am

How Libs Manipulate to Keep Spending

Charles Krauthammer explains hazards for the GOP over debt ceiling negotiations....
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