02/07/12 07:43 pm

Krauthammer: Obama Must Give in to Catholics

Charles Krauthammer explains why he thinks the Obama regime will have to cave on...
02/04/12 06:38 am

Krauthammer: Newt 'Charmingly Delusional'

Charles thought Newt was bizarre in his speech following the Florida vote. Here&...
01/02/12 07:57 pm

Krauthammer Surprised by Newt News

Charles Krauthammer says he, along with voters in Iowa, didn't know about s...
12/31/11 12:34 pm

Krauthammer: Santorum Will Be the Non-Romney

Charles Krauthammer says Rick Santorum has benefited from being a late bloomer i...
11/26/11 08:39 pm

Why Krauthammer Hates Semi-Colons

A funny exchange between Charles Krauthammer and Nina Totenberg, as Charles anno...
11/02/11 01:46 am

Race a Factor Says Cain

Herman ups the anti, says race a factor in harassment charges as he faces panel ...
10/05/11 04:14 am

Is Cain's Resume Acceptable?

Krauthammer breaks down the Republican field post-Christie, including the Herman...
09/30/11 04:16 am

Krauthammer: Obama Looking at Landslide

Showing just 31% approval among independents in the new Fox News poll, the presi...
09/24/11 08:11 am

Rick Perry: Fred Thompson After All?

Charles Krauthammer applies the Buckley Rule to the presidential field. It'...
09/17/11 07:33 am

Krauthammer: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

Charles gives the ultimate answer on Social Security.
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