04/13/11 07:40 am

Trump Takes on Koran

Donald Trump takes his presidential romp into the realm of Islam.  
09/13/10 02:28 am

Getting Burned

I can't get used to the idea that American values are lost when the Ground ...
09/11/10 09:40 pm

Hot Text

Will the president now move into Dick Cheney's undisclosed location? Wit...
09/10/10 08:51 pm

Flag, Not Koran

A Muslim in London announces a flag retaliation on Saturday. Perfect. Let's...
09/10/10 08:35 pm

Trump Mosque

Trump is still fixated on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. Donald Trump repo...
09/10/10 09:22 am

Hardball Hardheads

Lefties on Hardball question the motives of Pastor Jones in Florida. But his mot...
09/10/10 05:13 am

Gates Keeper

We have now seen exactly how a government with its head screwed on right would h...
09/10/10 04:39 am

Breitbart's Take

Andrew Breitbart says that Terry Jones is insane for wanting to burn the Koran,...
09/10/10 02:37 am

Koran Interrupted

In a rush to get things resolved, Pastor Terry Jones apparently wasn't list...
09/09/10 08:42 pm

Plot Thickens

Will Pastor Jones reinstate the Koran burnings on Saturday now that the Ground Z...
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