Kirsten Powers

09/02/12 11:41 am

Powers: GOP Convention a Success

Democratic analyst Kirsten Powers says that an 11% jump in likeability for Mitt ...
07/23/12 06:56 pm

Kirsten Powers: Democrats in Fear of NRA

Conservative Bill Kristol says there should be some control on things like 100 r...
05/02/12 12:08 pm

Kirsten Powers Attacks Preacher on Hannity

Fox Analyst Kirsten Powers, who's a Democrat, confronts another guest - Rev...
04/04/12 07:53 am

Obama Softens Attack on Court

On Monday, the president told the Supreme Court that it had no business consider...
06/10/11 04:58 am

Former Girlfriend Says Weiner Engaged in Sociopathic Lying

She used to date Anthony Weiner, and, at first, political commentator Kirsten Po...
07/13/10 05:45 pm

Blond Brawl

The facts don't matter. Megyn Kelly takes down liberal pundit Kirsten Power...
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