12/09/10 04:00 pm

On Video Now - Liberal Vision for America

People who've been trained to expect everything for free don't respond...
12/03/10 07:31 am

It is Always Wrong to Judge People by Skin Color - Most of the Time

A hero of the civil rights movement, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, struggles to ex...
08/29/10 09:01 am

Foaming Left

The leftist who has done the best job of humiliating himself over Glenn Beck...
08/29/10 06:05 am

The Uniter

The Democrats continue to build their brand by dividing America along lines of r...
04/09/09 07:29 am

The un-Bow

The White House now says he wasn't bowing! "It wasn't a bow....
04/05/09 09:21 am

Intuitively Offensive

The Obama bow to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia continues ...
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