10/23/12 12:28 pm

Obama: Things Are Going So Well

A new Obama ad started running on Tuesday - a closing argument now that the deba...
07/19/12 12:57 pm

Carl Bernstein: It's Wrong!!!

Carl Bernstein is overwhelmed that Mitt is planning on releasing just two years ...
06/07/12 03:44 pm

Scarborough: Kerry Has Nice Houses Too

Joe Scarborough wonders if the New York Times ever did a hit piece on the incred...
03/14/12 04:32 am

Biden's Class Warfare Costs $10K per Couple

Organic steak and White Truffle Mashed Potatoes were served to 87 dinner guests ...
11/22/11 02:20 am

Schweizer Clarifies Kerry's Insider Trading

Peter Schweizer talks about John Kerry's claims that his investments are ke...
07/31/11 03:53 am

Marco Rubio Debates Kerry

Freshman Senator Marco Rubio, a Tea Party star, debates John Kerry on t...
04/06/11 09:45 am

Who's Essential?

07/31/10 05:57 am

Kerry's Bigger Tax Dodge

In a puff piece offered by the Boston Globe Friday to help repair his image, Sen...
07/28/10 05:21 am

Undocumented Frank

Senator Kerry conspires to avoid paying taxes that he loves to raise, while Barn...
01/22/10 09:04 am

Who's Listening

The people have spoken, and Larry Kudlow is wondering who is listening. Sen. Sco...
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