keith ellison

03/22/12 05:02 am

Congressman Tells O'Reilly Nazis Attacked Pearl Harbor

Congressman Keith Ellison shakes his head in dismay over the ignorance of Bill O...
03/12/11 04:50 am

Ellison Defends Islam From Bill Maher

Bill Maher, the smarmy, unfunny guy that he is, does a good job of challenging M...
03/10/11 01:10 pm

Rep Ellison Sobs Over Own Testimony

America's Muslim member of Congress speaks at Peter King's committee h...
12/22/10 01:33 pm

Scary Liberals Make the Mistake of Talking

How dangerous are the socialists? Listen and decide. “we are a country...
08/17/10 02:48 am

Principle Party

Rep. Peter King, with Stephanopoulos, on the mosque. Rep Keith Ellison, the firs...
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