karl rove

07/13/11 12:51 pm

Karl Says Obama Can't Keep it Up

Karl Rove says there's a good reason the president raised $86 million last ...
06/09/11 09:41 am

Karl's Take on Weiner

Sean Hannity and Karl Rove talk Weiners.
04/19/11 02:17 am

Karl Rove Gives Assistance to Trump

Karl Rove blasts Trump and Donald responds - just the sort of promotion he'...
11/06/10 06:25 pm

Keith Bad, Fox Worse, Says Kurtz

Media commentator Howie Kurtz says MSNBC was right to suspend Keith Olbermann, a...
11/05/10 09:24 pm

Rove Tells Lauer - Democrats Are Spreading the Hate

Karl Rove tells Matt Lauer, who doesn't seem all that interested in listeni...
10/11/10 02:34 am

Enemies List

Democrats are so nervous about the mid-term elections that they're burning ...
09/20/10 05:46 am

Dumping Karl

The furor over Karl Rove's continued attacks on GOP senate nominee Christin...
09/16/10 01:43 pm

Missing Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom isn't particularly smart this election year, as Tea Par...
09/16/10 09:40 am

Delaware Numbers

Christine O'Donnell is well positioned to win her senate race in Delaware. ...
09/16/10 09:04 am

Karl's Motive

Everyone is wondering why Karl Rove has attacked Delaware senate nominee Christi...
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