judge napolitano

05/18/12 04:41 am

Napolitano: How Can PAC's Resist Rev Wright

Judge Napolitano comments on the New York Times front page story Thursday highli...
04/11/12 03:51 pm

Zimmerman Faces Charges

Judge Napolitano explains what manslaughter is - which George Zimmerman may face...
02/02/12 05:09 am

Ron Paul Makes Anti-Fed a Youth Movement

Good conversation on Cavuto - why is it that young people are excited over Ron P...
01/04/11 02:35 pm

How Electing U.S. Senators Ravages Constitution

U.S. Senators were never meant to be elected by popular vote. The were meant to ...
08/03/10 09:49 am

Round One Won

Is the Virginia ruling that a challenge to the Obama Care law can go ahead an im...
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