juan williams

01/07/11 04:47 am

Juan Responds to Firing of NPR Boss

Heads roll at NPR over Juan Williams firing. Ellen Weiss, the National Public Ra...
12/27/10 07:02 am

Liberal Hate Speech From Juan Williams

Juan offers his 2012 assessment. The GOP has a weak field, and Sarah Palin lacks...
12/21/10 04:38 am

Scott Reaches Across Again

Scott Brown said that he'd be an independent senator for Massachusetts, and...
12/20/10 04:45 am

Bill Kristol Slaps Down Juan Williams on Dream Act

Who played politics with the lives of children on the Dream Act? Juan Williams s...
11/20/10 07:44 am

Charlie Was Right About Loyalty

Charlie Baker took alot of crap for saying that loyalty is an overrated virtue i...
11/14/10 06:27 pm

Earmarks Marked For Destruction

The power of a cute response can't be underestimated for a politician looki...
10/30/10 06:21 pm

Is Bill Maher in Juan Type Trouble

Bill Maher channels Juan Williams.
10/24/10 04:24 am

Krauthammer Confronts Totenberg on NPR Rules

Doing the show Inside Washington with Nina Totenberg, Charles Krauthammer asks h...
10/23/10 06:07 am

NPR Controversy Grows As Juan Hosts O'Reilly

NPR has stomped on the hornets nest with its firing of Juan Williams, who was th...
10/22/10 10:10 pm

Left is Intolerant Says Juan Williams

Juan Williams has finally learned what the nation needs to know - when it comes ...
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