john kerry

05/27/10 11:10 am

Crashing Down

There's talk at the White House of need for a new stimulus. Larry Summers, ...
04/23/10 10:04 am

Clear Cut

If an environmentalist falls in the woods, does anyone hear?
04/18/10 09:26 am

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde are back - no guns required. In their new form, the robbe...
03/05/10 05:21 pm

Really Good Harry

Is Harry Reid trying to lose? He couldn't have created a better ad for his ...
02/04/10 10:57 pm

Cool Water

It's over. So now it can begin. Over the course of a couple of weeks last...
01/21/10 05:09 pm

The Scott-op

When will the Dems pass health reform? When will they jam the Senate bill throug...
01/19/10 04:21 pm

With Us

The nation is with us in rooting for a Scott Brown victory and an end to the del...
01/19/10 05:54 am

Learning the Lesson

John Kerry was asked on Channel 5 yesterday about how quickly the swearing in of...
12/10/09 05:46 pm

Taking the Bus

Don't accuse Senator John Kerry of being like those other Climate Change Hy...
10/24/09 08:38 am

Climate Not Perfect

Friday morning I was speculating on the air that Barack Obama and Massachusetts ...
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