john edwards

11/30/11 10:25 am

Get Out The Butter, Herman Cain Is Toast!

As usual, we ask that you click on the song link here before reading this blog...
06/16/11 06:03 am

Edwards Mugshot: And His Hair Was Perfect

John Edwards. Every hair in place, as usual. Well, I saw Lon Chaney walkin with...
06/03/11 02:23 pm

John Edwards: Should We Feel Guilty?

John Edwards was indicted today with an afternoon arraignment scheduled. Isn...
06/01/10 05:21 pm

The Kiss

It's a tough day for Democrats and their women.
05/01/10 07:41 am

Personal Baker

The National Enquirer is reporting that the president had an affair in 2004 when...
02/26/10 12:22 pm

Striking Problems

What's a little corruption amongst friends??? Democratic Rep. Charles Range...
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