john boehner

03/15/11 04:28 am

Boeher on Obama: Talk is Cheap

John Boehner says the White House is an action free zone when it comes to change...
01/05/11 02:25 pm

Good Guys Take Over

John Boehner is speaker. Boehner was chosen in a vote by the full 435-member Ho...
01/04/11 04:11 pm

Dueling ObamaCare Pressers From Pelosi, Cantor

Nancy Pelosi is still pretending that ObamaCare will save money, while Eric Cant...
11/04/10 02:05 am

Republicans Say They'll Push to Repeal Health Care

Eric Cantor says the GOP will move to repeal health reform asap.
11/03/10 07:29 am

Pelosi Still in Denial Yesterday

Wouldn't you agree that the Democratic leadership in Washington does seriou...
09/22/10 01:11 pm

Not Again

Is it easy to change government - to make it smaller? Christ Christie, the New J...
09/13/10 05:29 pm

Nice Liberals

Will heads be rolling at MSNBC? The network of the extreme left has responded to...
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