Joe The Plumber

03/09/12 01:59 am

Joe the Plumber Hangs Tough

Joe the Plumber did a great job yesterday standing up to the stupid way politica...
10/26/11 11:18 am

Sarah Palin Memorial Month Continues…

10/20/11 08:52 am

Sarah Palin Memorial Month Continues...

10/11/11 01:13 pm

Joe the P to Run for Congress

It's not definite yet, but Joe the Plumber may run for congress.
07/18/11 12:22 pm

Finally, Obama Gets Heat for Socialist Tax Statements

Remember the president's first press conference last week when he announced...
07/05/11 07:37 am

Weekly Wacky News Wrap-Up (6/28 - 7/4/11)

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their...
06/20/11 08:47 am

Bachmann/Taitz: Tea-Party For Two and Two For Tea-Party

Michele Bachmann (R) MN and Orly Taitz, DDS, Esq.,Real Estate Agent &ndash...
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