joe manchin

03/08/11 02:41 pm

Joe Manchin Still Taking Shots at White House

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is the guy who got elected as a Democrat by ru...
02/09/11 07:08 am

Some Senate Dems Also Don't Like Individual Mandate

Senator Ben Nelson is one of four senate Dems who are uncomfortable with the ind...
01/11/11 04:24 am

Hateful Democrat Shoots Obama's Bill

Remember West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin's ad, in his race for U.S. Sena...
12/23/10 07:29 am

Affleck: Stop Over-Paying People Who Contribute So Little

Ben Affleck, who gets paid a reported $10 million per film, is concerned about p...
06/27/10 09:17 pm

Kompassion Klan

It's been nearly 60 years that Robert Byrd has represented West Virginia in...
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