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07/24/12 09:20 am

Joe Klein: Charge $1,000 a Bullet

The left is eager to regulate, and the Colorado massacre gives them new motivati...
07/16/12 07:19 pm

Klein To Mitt: Substance Needed

Joe Klein says Romney's got to do something big to change the conversation ...
03/05/12 05:20 am

Joe Klein Remembers the Constitution

Joe Klein - leftist writer from Time Magazine - says the ObamaCare steamrolling ...
02/23/12 02:56 pm

Shocker: Joe Klein Compliments Santorum on Isabella

I was in my friend's soundproof recording studio recently, and was surprise...
07/24/11 07:01 pm

Heilemann: Obama Will Replace Hope with Fear

In case there are still any naive folks walking the planet who think they were r...
05/30/11 04:42 pm

Joe Klein Says Military Happier Under Obama

Liberal writer Joe Klein says the military is happier with the Obama administrat...
08/30/10 05:21 am

Getting Ethnic

National Review's Reihan Salam schooled the lefties on The Chris Matthews S...
08/30/10 04:42 am

Hateful InKleinations

Leftist columnist Joe Klein compares Glenn Beck to Japanese internment.
08/14/10 04:32 pm

Bush League

Writer Joe Klein slapped George W. a couple of weeks ago as he whined that Presi...
05/10/09 10:56 pm

Off Base

Have you noticed how much kinder things are in DC since President Obama got ther...
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