job creation

06/03/12 04:23 pm

Gillespie: Romney Not 47th in Job Creation

You know how the Obama talking point is that Mitt Romney's leadership of Ma...
09/03/11 01:34 pm

The Mittulus Program

A supporter congratulates Mitt for having created more jobs with his La Jolla ho...
04/04/11 07:07 pm

Pawlenty Responds to Obama Reelection Announcement

A dramatic new web ad from Tim Pawlenty is upsetting at least one leftist Nobel ...
11/05/10 01:41 am

Surreal Pelosi Says Dems Did Great Job on Economy

Deficit reduction? Job creation? In defeat, Nancy Pelosi is not abandoning her d...
10/06/10 09:02 am

Create What?

This is a funny debate moment from Connecticut, where Republican Linda McMahon n...
08/12/10 04:41 am

Maliciously Maligned

Candidates who dare to state the obvious often find themselves criticized and mi...
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