jesse jackson

07/08/12 09:56 am

Jesse Jr: A Month on the Lamb

On the lamb from congress for four weeks, Jesse Jackson Jr's 'exhausti...
04/12/12 05:14 am

Wanted Dead or Alive: Peace & Love

You know how the left is all about peace and love, and seeing all people for who...
03/31/12 05:05 pm

Jon Keller: Putting Sharpton on TV is Racist

 A longtime Boston political reporter says putting Al Sharpton on MSNBC...
08/03/11 08:07 pm

Against American Bankruptcy? You Racist!

How does the left justify dismantling the Constitution, expanding social program...
04/27/11 12:22 pm

Trump Holds Presser, Obama Spins

Trump claims victory over the White House in a press conference on the president...
04/15/11 02:04 am

Jesse Jackson: Can You Say Rainbow PUSH?

It's no surprise when evidence of hate pours out of the world of love and c...
04/08/11 09:03 am

Jesse: Budget Fight Equivelant to Civil War

Jesse Jackson gets the biggest dope award for this one.
03/13/11 05:56 am

Scott Walker's "Confederate Agenda"

Jesse Jackson is not crazy when he says crazy things. They're part of a car...
03/11/11 05:27 am

Jesse Makes Social Justice Argument in Wisconsin

Jesse Jackson tells Megyn Kelly that workers need a better deal.
03/08/11 06:31 am

Scary Stupid: Jesse Jackson Jr

Jesse Jackson, Jr wants to change the Constitution and put an ipod in every pock...
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