jeremiah wright

05/21/12 05:53 am

George Will: Ricketts Never Considered Rev Wright Ad

George Will doesn't take kindly to the suggestion that billionaire Joe Rick...
05/20/12 04:46 pm

Karl Rove: Bringing Up Rev Wright is Stupid

Karl Rove doesn't think bringing up Reverend Wright is a good idea for the ...
03/06/12 04:27 am

Dick Morris: Obama Can't Win

Dick Morris says it again - Obama can't win reelection. I think we do know ...
02/03/12 02:08 am

Obama Replaces Reverend Wright

It seems pretty likely that the Barack Obama didn't attend Reverend Wright&...
02/10/11 04:48 am

Liberal Blinders Make Pundits See Red Over Obama

Congressman Steve King doesn't say anything inappropriate, but faces the wr...
07/17/10 03:01 am

Driving Obama

What is the mission that drives Barack Obama to socialize America?
06/30/09 07:14 pm

So John Kerry

Why isn't the President attending to urgent liberal issues like eliminating...
06/18/09 01:47 pm

Acorn Nuts

ACORN, the voter fraud division of the Democratic Party, celebrated its 39th ann...
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