jeff perry

10/24/10 07:06 pm

Gov Christie Campaigns in Melrose for Charlie

Governor Christie was in Melrose for Charlie Baker today. While Christie's ...
10/20/10 04:55 pm

Attacks on Jeff Perry Escalate

Never underestimate the willingness to do anything for power amongst the good go...
10/05/10 09:35 am

Guns Blazing

How seriously are the Republicans taking Jeff Perry on the national level? Take ...
09/30/10 06:33 am

Nice Guy

New ad from Jeff Perry. Cooksey hates it because of the use of a grandchild, but...
09/24/10 05:17 pm

39 Day Campaign

Jeff Perry remains the best GOP chance to pick up a congressional seat in Massac...
09/05/10 10:29 am

Who Dat?

The best chance for Democrats to lose a seat in Massachusetts is a toss-up betwe...
05/18/10 08:39 am

Pass the Perry

The Perry Amendment, offered by Cape Cod state Rep and Congressional candidate J...
02/13/10 02:58 pm

Breathing Brown

What else is Scott Brown up to besides being a United States Senator?
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