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10/14/12 03:06 am

Leno: Obama Promises Smirk & Giggle

Joe Leno did a big chunk of his monologue on the VP debate. As you know, 'm...
09/30/12 08:06 am

Leno: Waiting for Obama

Jay Leno on wasted time. For example, we waste seven minutes in line every time ...
02/01/12 06:31 pm

Michelle Says Mitt's Singing Beautiful

On Leno, Michelle reviewed the singing of her husband - as well as Republican Mi...
10/28/11 07:03 am

Obama's Unemployment Solution

Dennis Miller has a job idea for the president after the next election. &nbs...
09/19/11 07:11 am

Leno Gets Serious, Quizzes Bachmann And She Fails

Bachmann puts her ? in her mouth on "The Tonight Show"
04/26/11 09:23 am

Lohan Does Leno

Lindsay Lohan, facing a 4 month jail sentence, tries to generate some goodwill w...
01/19/11 08:10 am

Leno Takes Heat From Stern

Howard Stern shares his fondness for Jay Leno on CNN's new Piers Morgan Sho...
01/12/11 04:51 pm

Bill Maher Targets Gun Owners with Leno

The Tonight Show crowd is reluctant in its response to Bill Maher's Tucson ...
12/02/10 02:04 am

Fishing For Buzz, Mitt Does Leno

Mitt talks about how much he loved being governor, and how great Sarah Palin is,...
09/14/10 12:16 pm

Loving Left

More hate from the loving left.
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