jay carney

09/07/11 01:42 am

Tapper Hits White House on Hoffa

ABC's Jake Tapper presses Jay Carney on the White House hypocrisy on the to...
09/02/11 04:12 pm

Reporters Getting More Aggressive with White House

Jonathan Karl chases Jay Carney. If you can't even get the congress to agre...
07/26/11 03:39 pm

Jay Carney Says There is an Obama Plan

Ed Henry, the new Fox White House correspondent, probes Obama spokesman Jay Carn...
07/15/11 10:35 am

Jake Tapper Works Over White House

In case you haven't noticed that Jake Tapper is a good reporter, watch him ...
07/14/11 05:04 am

White House Cracks Down on Questions

Jay Carney bickers with reporters over the decision to only allow still photogra...
06/30/11 07:19 pm

Reporter Suspended for Being Honest on Obama

Why was Mark Halperin suspended for saying the president behaved like a dick? Af...
06/15/11 07:24 pm

Twice as Bad: Obama Sells America

Remember how bad things were when Bush was president, with fat cats controlling ...
05/04/11 04:49 pm

New Poll Shows Obama Enjoying Bump

A new poll shows the president enjoying a bin Laden bump.
05/03/11 03:05 pm

Forget the Human Shield Stuff

Confirmed: Osama didn't have a gun and didn't shield himself with his ...
04/26/11 07:38 pm

Jay Carney Can't Answer Simple Question

My interest in the birth certificate issue, or Donald Trump, is the extent to wh...
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