Jake Tapper

05/17/10 03:01 am

Mind the Left

Glenn Greenwald from Salon was great on ABC's This Week on Sunday. Especia...
05/02/10 10:06 pm

Synthetic Hysteria

Bill Maher is a moron, so you might say, "why bother?" But he's n...
03/19/10 02:04 pm

Biden Time

Joe just wants you to know - the Obama administration will control the insurance...
03/15/10 07:04 am

Is Anita Dunn

Is Anita Dunn about to vomit on Jake Tapper at the beginning of this clip?
12/27/09 07:04 pm

Heck of a Job

A respected Nigerian business leader goes to the U.S. embassy six months ago and...
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