Jake Tapper

08/24/12 04:32 am

Busted: Media Does Obama's Bidding

Watch the president as he feeds question to reporters, and the compliant media g...
07/29/12 11:10 am

Carney Struggles to Defend Obama Attack Campaign

Jake Tapper forces Jay Carney to reflect on how State Senator Barack Obama, comp...
05/08/12 01:01 pm

Obama: The Un-Evolved President

Jay Carney gets hit by Jake Tapper and Mara Liasson on the president's game...
02/20/12 05:11 am

George Will: Jeremy Lin is Rare Harvard Positive

George Will on Jeremy Lin. It's nice to see Harvard produce someone who�...
01/29/12 05:22 pm

Will To Mitt: Stop Being Cautious

George Will, with an assist from former budget guy Austan Goolsbee, explains tha...
10/03/11 07:18 am

White House Kidnaps Warren Buffett

On Friday, Warren Buffett clarified that his statements about tax rates were onl...
09/07/11 01:42 am

Tapper Hits White House on Hoffa

ABC's Jake Tapper presses Jay Carney on the White House hypocrisy on the to...
08/29/11 09:04 am

Will Calls Obama Alibi Ike

George Will says Obama's addiction to excuses shows a lack of leadership.
07/15/11 10:35 am

Jake Tapper Works Over White House

In case you haven't noticed that Jake Tapper is a good reporter, watch him ...
06/15/11 07:24 pm

Twice as Bad: Obama Sells America

Remember how bad things were when Bush was president, with fat cats controlling ...
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