iraq war

03/08/11 05:23 am

Remember the Moral Outrage Over Gitmo?

The president's decision to restart trials at Gitmo provides a fascinating ...
02/24/11 08:04 pm

Rumsfeld Certain on Lack of Certainty

Jon Stewart does a nice job with Don Rumsfeld. And Don Rumsfeld does a good job ...
01/28/11 02:19 am

Danny Glover: GOP Violence to Blame for Tucson

Danny Glover says Republican violence, including at town hall meetings, is to bl...
09/01/10 05:21 pm

Inquiring Minds

Matt Lauer can't wait to know - was the Iraq war a good investment? Even Jo...
11/20/08 10:55 am

Why are they surprised?

Barack built his early campaign around the phony notion that he was an anti-war ...
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