10/10/12 04:17 am

Absent Voters Lean Right

A look at absentee ballots shows more Republican activity than Democratic. Mitt ...
04/26/12 02:09 am

Obama Pushes Handout Nation

The president's maliciousness is revealed in small, barely noticeable state...
01/04/12 01:13 pm

Newt Steps Up Anti-Mitt Campaign

Put any thoughts about Newt Gingrich going away peacefully out of your head - he...
01/04/12 12:55 pm

Bachmann Leaves with Fighting Words

With false eyelashes in place and hair carefully styled, an always photogenic Mi...
01/04/12 04:36 am

Santorum's Second Place a Victory

Rick Santorum gave a nice victory speech last night - a few hours before the fin...
01/04/12 02:44 am

Mitt Takes Iowa by 8 Votes

Mitt has won Iowa in a sqeaker, but the headline is his, as is the nomination.
01/04/12 02:19 am

2am: Romney by 14?

It's a tie - so far, as contradictory numbers are begin reported on the fin...
01/03/12 08:33 pm

Pizza Ranch Conjurs Ghost of Herman Cain

The Pizza Ranch is a big chain of restaurants with stores in Iowa. The price of ...
01/03/12 08:24 pm

Chuck Todd: Romney a Beast of Tea Party Burden

An interesting point from Chuck Todd. Given that Mitt isn't trusted on ideo...
01/03/12 08:05 pm

Hard Hitting: Newt Calls Mitt a Liar

Newt calls Mitt a liar, and Romney responds. He's not telling the American ...
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