11/04/11 04:52 am

Judge's Daughter Explains Beating Video

Hillary Adams, the 23 year old who released a video of her father, Texas Judge W...
04/11/11 06:37 am

Should She be Retired?

Russian copper poacher, 75 years old, charged with cutting off internet service ...
01/30/11 04:08 pm

Allison: Can You Tell Us What Internet Is

Funny clip from 1994 in which Bryant Gumbel and Katy Couric try to figure out wh...
12/16/10 02:36 pm

Free Internet For All Nappy Heads Says FCC Commish

More evidence that the radicals who control our government don't represent ...
11/28/10 05:05 am

That Darn Internet Does it Again

Obama blames the internet for the widespread belief that he's a Muslim.
05/20/10 09:43 am

A Little Complicated

The leftists who control the country get pretty scary when they make the mistake...
11/18/08 08:57 am

Pajama Power

While capitalism is clearly the only realistic system for running an economy, it...
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