05/21/12 06:06 pm

Laura: Real Debacle is the Debt

Laura Ingraham wonders why the media always refers to last years confrontation o...
08/19/11 04:36 am

Plantation Overseer Rangel Responds to Allen West

Now that there's a hardnosed Tea Party conservative in congress who's ...
02/09/11 04:36 pm

Scary Trump - Sounds Better Than the Average Pol

Donald Trump is scary - you hear him talk politics these days and you think, &qu...
02/06/11 06:03 am

Laura Goes Wild Over Stunning Sex Sting Tapes

Laura Ingraham tears into Planned Parenthood supporter Jane Kleeb over the organ...
09/24/10 09:48 am

You're Nuts

Has the Democratic machine finally realized that they've overplayed the rac...
05/07/10 07:29 pm


The Mexican flag is gone. The student who moved it is suspended. Klein ISD spoke...
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