individual mandate

02/01/11 04:53 am

Judge Uses Obama's Words Against Him

One of the exciting parts of Judge Vinson's ruling was that he used the pre...
01/31/11 07:52 pm

Lost in Egypt - ObamaCare Ruled Unconstitutional

The biggest story in America Monday was, of course, the ruling in federal court ...
01/21/11 02:20 am

Iconic Congressman John Lewis Offers Bizarre Constitutional Views

If iconic Congressman John Lewis is an honest man, than he's scarier than I...
12/14/10 07:01 am

AG - Court Ruling Undermines ObamaCare Funding Structure

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli explains his successful ObamaCare c...
12/14/10 06:10 am

Howard Dean Says Individual Mandate Not Important

Howard Dean joins Keith Olbermann in attacking Judge Hudson, who ruled in Virgin...
12/13/10 03:36 pm

Gibbs Makes Bold Prediction After Losing Health Mandate Decision

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the White House will probably appeal today...
09/03/10 03:39 pm

Barack O'Flipper

How toxic is the campaign environment for Democrats who voted for ObamaCare? One...
08/03/10 09:49 am

Round One Won

Is the Virginia ruling that a challenge to the Obama Care law can go ahead an im...
07/30/10 05:16 am

Show Me

In next week's Missouri primary election, voters have a chance to make a st...
05/09/10 08:02 am

American Awakening

What's changed? Americans are waking up to what the true enemy is.
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